five inspirational novels for every student


5 inspirational novels for every student

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College gives you ample opportunities to explore and experiment but it is a also a world full of dilemmas and uncertainty. If you ever find yourself demotivated or uninspired, read the following books to get on track with inspiration pumped in you.

1. Equating the Equations of Insanity: A Journey from Grief to Victory

A book by our very own native writer, Durgesh Satpathy, is a modern take on eliminating the darkness you by reliving the accounts of people who have aced in similar situations.

Inspirational Novels

Floating in a quagmire

2. You are unique

Written by probably the most loved President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the book is Dedicated to understanding the hidden traits inside all. He urges readers, the common man, to develop creative leadership skills and long-lasting relationships, thereby helping themselves to achieve happiness by giving the same to others.

Inspirational Novels

Uniqueness personified

3. The spark is within you

Jagdish Bali wishes to inspire the readers to move forward in Life. Author’s personal experience, anecdotes, small stories, quotations and references from the lives of great and successful people make the reading juicy, interesting and entertaining and proves to be an elixir.

Inspirational Novels

Let the spark shine

4. This side of paradise

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel revolves around a Princeton student who becomes totally disillusioned after graduation. The harsh reality strikes him and he discovers that real life is very different from the walls of his college, and now he has to look for his self again. Isnt it the story of every other college student?

Inspirational Novels

Life through tinted glasses

5. Harry Potter Series

Only because, we know that you have been waiting for your hogwarts letter since ages and don’t feel alone because we are in the same queue. Who wouldn’t be inspired to beat the odds and enter the magical work!
Don’t lose hope, we are here !

Inspirational Novels

Can it come any sooner?

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